Products Sold Separately

The products listed below are included in the CAN/CIPA Membership (except for How to Sell 1000 Books in 3 Months). However, if you decide not to join, you can purchase them separately. 

  • Starting at $9.99/mo

Christian Authors Network & Christian Indie Publishing Association Membership

Christian Authors Network (CAN) & Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA) provide authors and small publishers with resources, tools, & discounts (FREE IngramSpark title setup) to publish professionally and market effectively. You can easily recover your membership fee by using the discounts. Why do it alone when you can make your publishing experience easier and more profitable.

Membership includes over 100 products/discounts and only costs $90/year. 

Before joining please be sure you meet the membership requirements below. You must:
1. Publish materials for the Christian marketplace. 
2. Be a published author (or about to be) or a small publisher with revenues less than $500,000 per year.

Author Coaching

Book Categories and Keywords

Do you need help determining your book's best Amazon categories? How about assistance with choosing the strongest keywords? Susan can help with both. 

Susan Neal Author Coaching

Would you like to sell more books? Susan can teach you how. She consistently sold a thousand books every quarter for the past couple of years. Please check out her author coaching page. 

  • $49.99

Course: How to Sell 1000 Books in 3 Months

    This course helps authors increase their book sales through savvy marketing techniques. Susan sold over 17,000 copies of her book in 3 years

    • $19.99

    Course: Branding Your Book

      This 30-minute seminar explains why branding is vital for your book, how your book is like a business, what a brand is, and more. 

      • $24.99

      Course: Endorsements Help You Sell More Books

        This 45-minute, seminar teaches you everything you need to know to obtain endorsements for your book. 

        • $29.99

        Course: How to Create a Professional-Looking Book

          This course reviews all the elements necessary to publish a professional-looking book that meets industry standards. 

          • $24.99

          Course: Grow Your Audience With Content Marketing

            This 40-minute, seminar walks you through six manageable steps of content marketing to help you develop and grow your audience. 

            • $47

            List of Over 100 Radio and Podcast Media

              Authors can use this list to find over 125 radio and podcast media outlets to request a guest appearance.

              • $29.99

              Course: Tips for Getting More Book Reviews

                This 55-minute seminar covers the importance of book reviews, how to ask readers for reviews, how to find bloggers to review your 

                • $29.99

                Course: Develop an Audience for Your Book

                  This 50-minute seminar walks you through the steps you can take to develop an audience of people who will purchase your books. 

                  • $34.99

                  Course: Determine Your Book's Most Strategic Categories & Strongest Keywords

                    This course teaches authors how to expand your book's Amazon categories + strengthen keywords so the Amazon rank improves. 

                    • $24.99

                    Course: How to Book a Podcast Tour

                      Booking a podcast tour is an inexpensive way to market your book. Susan Neal booked 29 podcast interviews in 8 months and won the Crown Award for Outstanding Broadcast Media. She teaches you how to effectively book your own tour.

                      • $19.99

                      Guide: Book Contest List

                        This guide reviews over 50 book contests, most are geared for Christian books. No more wasting time searching for contests. 

                        • $125

                        Consumer eBlast for Nonmembers

                          Announce your new book to 20,000 Christian readers with CIPA's Consumer eBlast.

                          • $75

                          Retail eBlast for Nonmembers

                            Send your book information to 1400 Christian retailers. 

                            • $65

                            Media Press Release eBlast for Nonmembers

                              Send your press release to 400 Christian media outlets. 

                              • $34.99

                              Course: Increase Book Sales by Enhancing Public Relations through Media, Retailers, & Consumers

                                Learn how to connect with media, retailers, and consumers to increase book sales. 

                                • $65

                                Book Review eBlast for Nonmembers

                                  CIPA will email an announcement featuring your book to over 400 book review bloggers. 

                                  • $47.99

                                  Guide: Speaker Kit & Speaking Opportunities List

                                    This guide includes a list of speaking opportunities and elements you need to create a speaker kit. 

                                    • $19.99

                                    Course: Create & Sell Digital Products/Enhance Holiday Sales

                                      This workshop will show you how to create and sell digital products, plus how to enhance holiday sales.

                                      • $35

                                      Amazon A+ Content Creation for Nonmembers

                                        The CIPA graphic designer will create an A+ Content graphic that the author can upload to their account.

                                        • $47

                                        Course: Blogging to Drive Traffic to Your Website

                                          State-of-the-art blogging techniques are reviewed so you can drive traffic to your website.

                                          • $99

                                          Course: How to Create Amazon Ads

                                            Learn how to create Amazon ads step-by-step.

                                            • $47

                                            Course: Email Marketing

                                              The Course: Optimal Email Marketing from Opt-In Gift to Email Sequence will teach you how to obtain email subscribers, keep them, and get them to open your emails. Learn how to get the subscriber to know, trust, and value you so they will want to open your emails and purchase your products.

                                              • $49.99

                                              Course: 10 Steps to Build an Author Platform

                                                Learn everything you need to know to grow your author platform and gain more followers. This class covers topics such as websites, social media, lead magnets, newsletters, author profiles, and book marketing.

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